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Friday, December 30, 2005

Rosencrantz and Hutchenstern ain't dead

I've really enjoyed using nicknames for my Carolina Hurricanes this season. Some players have built-in nicknames, or they have names that lend themselves to nicknames really easily. Some just don't have nicknames. Tonight, I and my friends were trying to come up with a nickname for Chad LaRose. Before I get into that, I'll go down the Hurricanes roster and give the nickname(s) that I use. Bear in mind that some of the nicknames aren't widely used. Some of them, in fact are only used by myself and Jenn and Andy (of Jenn and Andy fame).

Numerically by position:

  • # 8 Matt Cullen -- "Matty", "Cully", "Alfalfa"
  • #11 Justin Williams -- "Viva", or the more proper "Viva La France"
  • #12 Eric Staal -- "Staalsy"
  • #13 Ray Whitney -- "The Wizard", "Tiny Tim"
  • #14 -- Kevyn Adams -- "Kev", "K-Ad"
  • #16 Andrew Ladd (currently on IR) -- no nickname
  • #17 Rod Brind'Amour -- "Roddy", "Brindy", "Hot Rod"
  • #19 Radim Vrbata¹ -- "Verby", "Czech Connection, party of one"
  • #26 Erik Cole --"Colesy"
  • #27 Craig Adams -- "CrAdams", "Craiggers", "Craigasaurus Rex"
  • #36 Jesse Boulerice -- "Bull"
  • #44 Niklas Nordgren -- "Nicky"
  • #59 Chad LaRose -- ???
  • #61 Cory Stillman -- no nickname
  • #63 Josef Vasicek (currently on IR) -- "Czech Condor", "Big Joe", "Yo", "Joe-Va", "Yo-Va"

  • # 2 Glen Wesley -- no nickname
  • # 4 Aaron Ward -- "A-Ward"
  • # 5 Frantisek Kaberle -- "Frank", "Franky"
  • # 6 Bret Hedican -- "Kristy", "Bredican", "Hediguchi", "Yamican", "Triple Sowcow", "You're a HediCAN, not a HediCAN'T"
  • # 7 Niclas Wallin -- "Nicky", "Secret Weapon"
  • #22 Mike Commodore -- "Mikey", "Mikey C", "Commie", "C-64"
  • #24 Andrew Hutchinson "A-Hutch", "Hutch", "Hutchenstern"
  • #70 Oleg Tverdovsky "Tevvy"

  • # 29 Martin Gerber -- "Marturs Gerbe", "Gerbs", "Gerber Baby", "Marty"
  • #30 Cam Ward -- "Wardo"

Please note, also that I do not endorse the use of "Wardo" as a nickname for Aaron Ward. He's "A-Ward". Nor will I endorse the use of "Lazy Russian" (as in "move your feet, you Lazy Russian") as a nickname for Tverdovsky. Some people will use both of these, but I use neither.

If you need to know the origin of some of these odd ones, let me know.

Now, on to Chad LaRose. He's been impressing me, so we thought that it was time for the youngster to have a nickname.

At first, it seemed like he should have a nickname of regal proportions. Something like "Chadwyck Von Rosenburg VII". That doesn't really flow off the tongue when you're cheering the boys on from the stands. The obvious ones like "Rosey" don't really work. Nor does anything like "Chadders" or "Chaddy". Somebody else suggested "Mighty Might", but we don't really wand to disparage him with a nickname, so we nixed that. I kinda like "Ad-Ro", but nobody else did. I even thought that something totally random like "Giraffe" or "Celery" might work, but couldn't come up with anything good. At the last minute Jenn came up with "Rosencrantz", which is terrific, but obviously means that there would have to be someone else to fit into the "Guildenstern" part of that
(movie) equation(book). We couldn't come up with a suitable Canes player to fill that name out, but Andy suggested "Staalenstern". Not bad.

It wasn't until I was almost home that I came up with one that I like much better. Andrew Hutchinson could be "Hutchenstern" to La Rose's "Rosencrantz".

What do you think of all this? Suggestions for other nicknames? Questions about some of the ones I named?

¹ I just found out that Verby was traded to Chicago for future considerations. I'm guessing we'll recall Mike "Ziggy" Zigomanis from Lowell to fill out the roster.


Bill Purdy said...

Kinda weird that I woke up this morning having dreamed about Chad LaRose last night. In my dream, I was in charge of marketing for a high school / college / pro team on which LaRose played. And our marketing campaign was centered around him because he was our best player. My job was to come up with dramatic posters, like rock show posters, promoting LaRose. In my dreams (but in no way in real life) I am a marketing genius, so I came up with a rebus, the first part of which was a Florida presidential voting ballot. Hey, it was a dream. What can I say?

Anyway, of your suggestions, Chadwyck Von Rosenburg VII gets my vote for now. I might be inclined eschew the literary references entirely and suggest O'Donnell, but that might be a bit obtuse for the RBC crowd.

d-lee said...


Not bad. Not bad at all.

We're not worried about being obtuse at all. I mean, we've been calling Justin Williams "Viva" all season, and most of Bret Hedican's nicknames have to do with his wife.

I'll try O'Donnell on New Year's Eve. see how it goes.


Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

I don't get "VIVA" for Williams.

As for Stillman, call him CARDBOARD. He's bland, useful, but will ultimately crumble under too much pressure ;)

Hedican - Hedican't or Soccer Dad

d-lee said...

Here's the thing about Viva. During TV timeouts at home games, the PR folks have a feature they run on the jumbotron called "Ask the Canes". Several members of the team are asked the same silly question (one per game), and we get to know the players a little better. Early in the season, the question was "Other than Raleigh, what's your favorite city?". Most guys said Chicago or New York. Radim Vrbata likes Denver. Aaron Ward likes San Francisco. Justin Williams responded to that question by saying "France". His favorite city is an entire country. Since he's such a francophile, we started shouting out "Viva La France!" every time he was coming in on an odd man rush or something like that. This got shortened to "Viva!"

tj said...

Hah! Thanks for the Viva explanation and reminding me about the good laugh my wife and I had. We both just looked at each other and said, "Did he say France?" Runnerup for worst answer to that question was Staal saying Cary. That was at the Rangers game on 11/17, I think. Canes won 5-1.

CasonBlog said...

How about "Hedigouchi?" :)

d-lee said...

Yeah, Cason... I DID already say that, but thanks for playing.

The Acid Queen said...

Hey, I claim credit for "Marturs Gerbe", dammit! *shakes fist* Nickname thief! :p


I and my buddies in 333 always call Hedican "Hedican-can-can". Jesse's the "Mark XXXVI Bolo" (with the twin Hellbore cannons). Craig Adams is CAdams, Kevin is KAdams, Cole is Espresso (because of his love of coffee), Cully is "Dr. Frank" (as in Frank N. Furter--cos he looks a lot like a young Tim Curry in his roster pix), Rod is of course the Warchief, and if you put a hammer in Mike Commodore's hands I swear to Malik I'd mistake him for Thor.


The Acid Queen said...

Oh yeah--and apparently Gerber's nickname from back in Switzerland is Tinu.

Go Canes! :D

Bill Purdy said...

I'm really bored. And I have a cold, so I was just surfing around looking for entertainment, and found this:

Ask The Canes - "What's your favorite city"

You know where I'm going with this, don't you?

Viva doesn't speak too clearly in the clip, and he doesn't say "France," either. He says "Phoenix."

I'll still be calling him "Viva."


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