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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh, this IS good news.

The Canes made two transactions today, after the rosters were unfrozen (thawed out?).
The first one that I saw was that there was a straight up trade with Washington. We gave them 29-year old "prospect" Colin Forbes in exchange for 25-year old Stephen Peat. Peat's role has always been that of the goon, and frankly, I'm not sure we need that. Perhaps, though, the guys are getting kicked around in Lowell (which is where he's headed), and the Lockmonsters need an enforcer. It kind of makes sense, actually, in that light since we recently recalled CrAdams, who can fill that role. This trade, I can take or leave. It might never make an impact on the NHL level.

The other trade, which TSN hasn't caught wind of yet, is the one that makes me thrilled. Somehow, the Canes tricked the Coyotes into thinking that Krispy is worth a crap. They unloaded him to Phoenix in exchange for Krystofer Kolanos, who looks on paper like a much better NHL player. He'll report to Lowell, where he should make an immediate impact. As far as Krispy is concerned, there are no Krispy Kreme stores in Phoenix, but there are two in San Antonio, which is the AHL affiliate of Phoenix. He'll be headed there, and the doughnuts will be in great supply.

The best thing is that this organization is finally rid of that clown. And I'll drink to that!

1 comment:

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

When I went to an NHL game in Phoenix (LA was visiting), they did sell Krispy Kremes inside of the arena there. They sold them by the box...the box!!! who the hell would eat a box of donuts at a hockey game?

I never did try one...I always wanted to try just one.

Krispy won't have any trouble finding donuts or cheap and fattening Mexican food.

As for Kolanos, his head is mush...this is garbage for garbage.


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