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Thursday, December 01, 2005

When will it end?

Those crazy Québécois are at it again. Or is it Québeccer? I've never been completely sure, but I always use the former. Anyway.... they've got another crackpot idea in the works.

They want to have their own hockey team for competition in the international arena.

Here's the problem. The International Ice Hockey Federation governs both the World Championships and the Olympics. They make it clear that they only recognize sovereign nations. So unless and until they gain their much desired independence from Canada, they won't be able to participate in any IIHF sponsored event.

The World Cup, however, is not ruled by IIHF. They would be able to field a team there, even as a non-sovereign nation. For that matter, so could the British Virgin Islands, or Greenland¹, or Guam.

I wonder what Steve Avery thinks of this.

In other WTF news, Steve Jefferson, the father of imprisoned Mike Danton, was just arrested for making threats to player agent David Frost. Stories here and here. Apparently, something on the order of 20 "threatening" phone messages a day. It isn't clear whether the elder Jefferson was having "relations" with Frost. Katie Wolfmeyer was nowhere to be found.

¹ Red and Black Hockey presents ----- Useless Trivia factoid #2741. Greenland is not a sovereign nation. Although they are self-governed, they are in fact a Danish colony. They have their own Prime Minister, but they still answer to the Queen of Denmark.


Grampapinhead said...

I think the term your looking for is kibbecker eh, and I also think
'not gonna happen'

Pat Angello said...

Bill Purdy turned me on to your site - adding a link on my blog for you.

Avs v. Canes for Lord Stanley!


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