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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

There's no C in JAGR because there are three in CZECH REPUBLIC

Add this to the "WTF?" file.

After the great Mark Messier stepped away from the game, the logical choice to succeed him as Captain of the Blueshirts was Jaromir Jagr. Only thing is, he doesn't want the job.

He says it would be more suitable for a North American skater to be the Captain. Someone who speaks English as a first language. I'm not sure I understand, but in an interview, which you can watch over at tsn.ca, he muttered something about not being able to say what he wants to say. He wants to take on the leadership role, but he prefers to be the more passive Alternate Captain than to be the one getting in people's faces or to be the one in the spotlight.

TSN was speculating that part of the reason he refused the C is that New York is a very unforgiving market, unilke Pittsburgh, where he wore the C. They didn't quite say it, but they seemed to be suggesting that he doesn't want to be the fall guy when the team is playing poorly.

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