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Monday, September 26, 2005

Devils shed Friesen, still over the cap

In a move that had to come sooner than later, the New Jersey Devils finally started to shed some of their players in an attempt to squeeze under the cap. Jeff Friesen was dealt to the Caps for a conditional pick in next year's draft.
Friesen should be able to make a huge splash on the Capitals, who have a serious lack of NHL-experienced players.
As for the Devils, they've still got some work to do. Right now, they're sitting on $41,468,929 for only 20 players. You can't carry fewer than 20 players, so they're going to have to make some pretty serious moves to free up the remaining $2,468,929. Carrying only 20 players is dangerous, so they'll have to add players while shedding money. I don't know how they're going to do that. Even if you temporarily ignore Hepatitis Boy's $4.18M, they've got a roster concern.
It'll take more than an ultimate set of tools to fix this.
Hello, fire sale!
How does a straight up Krispy-for-Gomez trade¹ sound? C'mon!! You're desperate! The season's about to begin and you're way over cap.
¹ that was meant as a joke. please don't scream at me about the ludicrousness of that trade scenario

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