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Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Bondra saga continues

After there were a whole boatload of rumors concerning Peter Bondra, finally one that makes sense. Actually, it's slightly more than a rumor at this point. The 37-year old winger has been offered a one year contract by his former team. The terms are unclear, but the 5-time All-Star declined the offer and made a counter-offer to the Capitals, asking for more money and longer terms. He's also asking for a no-trade clause, which for some reason, Ted Leonsis is not ready to give. Bondra has always considered himself a Cap and wants to retire with the team who drafted him in the eighth round of the 1990 entry draft. EIGHTH ROUND?!?!? He has played in 984 NHL contests, with 961 of them in a Caps sweater. His trade to Ottawa late in the 2003-04 season was one of many boneheaded trades that the Caps pulled off that year (see my earlier rant about Jagr-for-Carter and subsequent Carter-for-Aulin). In the Bondra deal, the Caps dealt one of the faces of their franchise for Brooks Laich, a young guy who has only played in a handful of NHL contests and who won't be likely to amount much of anything. If Leonsis is smart, he'll find a way to offer Bondra what he wants, and he'll include a no-trade. Even though the Soviet-born star is aging and has perhaps lost a step or two, he's still a very valuable guy to have. He's no longer a point-a-night kind of guy, but he should have at least 45 points and will, more importantly, provide leadership for the club.

Some of the other rumors (Atlanta, Philly) seemed okay, while the New Jersey rumor made no sense at all. I really hope this works out. It just seems right. What I'm afraid of, though, is that Leonsis will mess it up.

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