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Friday, September 23, 2005

Big Joe shines again

Josef Vasicek had another great game Thursday night against the defending Stanley Cup champ Lightning. He scored two goals for the second day in a row, leading the Canes to a 5-2 victory in their final home pre-season game. He added an assist, but was inexplicably NOT named the game's first star (or second, or third). That honor went to defenseman Danny Richmond, who had a goal and an assist. Erik Cole had four assists and was named third star.

Also scoring for the Canes was Jesse Boulerice and Chad LaRose. Boulerice's goal came on a beautiful set-up by Cole and LaRose's came on a penalty shot early in the first period.

After the game, nine players were sent down to Lowell, including Keith Aucoin, who I once called "schmuck" and was taken to task for it by Heather at [so.very.obsessed].

Also in that group was the love to hate Pavel "Krispy" Brendl. Here's a guy with loads of raw talent, but very little desire. I've written this dozens of times. He signed a two-way contract where the disparity was significant. If he had made the big club, he would have made $899,745. Unfortunately for him, he didn't put forth any effort in training camp, so he will make a meager $35,000 playing in Lowell. I'm disappointed in his lack of effort, but relieved that he won't be on the big club, frightening us on a nightly basis. For Brendl, the lack of effort cost him $864,745. In terms that are easier for him to understand, that's 157,226 dozen original glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme ¹.

The Canes continued their trend of pounding the net on offense while permitting few shots in their own end. The shot totals were 30 for the Canes and 17 for the Bolts.
Both clubs did a fairly decent job staying out of the box, picking up eight two-minute minors each. Carolina capitalized on only one powerplay opportunity, while the Lightning cashed in twice.
It was disappointing that Cory Stillman couldn't play against his former team, but he and the Captain were held out. Also held out was Ray Whitney, who still hasn't played all pre-season.
Worth noting is that the Canes faced a #1 keeper for the first time. In the previous three games, we've faced backups or try-outs, but last night, they had John Grahame in the pipes.

By the way, note to Tampa Bay Lightning website administrators:

¹ based on the local price of $5.19/dozen plus tax.


Brushback said...

Krispy Kreme not only describes Brendl's diet, it also describes his game: SOFT.

Just one of the many highly-touted NY Ranger high-round draft picks of that era (Christian Dube, Manny Malholtra, Filip Novak, etc) that didn't end up according to plan.

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

Hey now, Pavel is really more of a Nathan's Hot Dog guy. :)


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