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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

More signings tidbits

After saying no to a 15 year deal in excess of $60M, New York Islanders netminder Rick DiPietro agreed to a one year deal valued at $2.5M. He will not have to buy his own insurance. DiPietro is in Colorado Springs hanging out with Canes coach Peter Laviolette at the Olympic Orientation camp.

In other strange news, I've heard some unconfirmed reports that the Moscow Dynamo has matched Avangard Omsk's offer to Pavel Datsyuk, and will thusly retain his rights. Datsyuk was the third leading scorer on the Dynamo during the lockout. This article, from Reuters, gives a very shaky account of the story. I'll wait for the word from tsn.ca or some other hockey source to get better details.

Actually, here is a story on iihf.com reporting that "with help from the club's sponsors", the Dynamo were able to match Avangard and retain Datsyuk. "Sponsors" = "Mob".
Did I say that out loud?

Ilya Kovalchuk? What's going on? We sure don't know.


Brushback said...

The team sponsors over in Russia actually are legitimate businesses (honest!), and they do have a certain amount of say in what goes on with the team on-ice (partly because the sponsors' names are on the jerseys)... sorta like how "boosters" work in college sports *wink wink*.

Using Dynamo as an example, since we're already talking about them-- the other year, an insurance company didn't like the jersey design that the team was re-using from the year before, because the team had merely added a pair of patches on the shoulders to signify the insurance company's new status as the primary team sponsor. So before the regular season started, Dynamo had to switch to a completely new jersey, one with the insurance company's logo on the full front of the jersey. If you look at any recent pictures of Dynamo players, it's the "eagles wings"-looking logo that I'm talking about, and the insurance company's name is also on the back hem of the jersey.

greatwhitebear said...

According to the Detroit News, her is the latest in the Datsyuk saga. Dynamo has matched Avanguards offer of 6 mil. Either a) Avangard ups it's anty, or b)Dynamo retains the rights to Datsyuk. Datsyuk has no contract with Dynamo, which means the Moscow team has put Dats back in play with the Red Wings, or any NHL team willing to give up the draft picks to sign him.

As Big a fan of Dats as i am, he sure is getting a lot of milage out of one spectacular world championship tourney!

I need an agent!


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