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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Today is card day!

Today, I received my shipment of 2007-08 Fleer Ultra Hockey cards. Today's shipment consists of two boxes of 24 packs. Each pack consists of five cards.

I am 73 cards short of the complete base set, and maybe 120 shy of completing the Gold Medallion parallel set. After today's box breaks, I hope to be within 10 cards of the base set.

With one Gold Medallion per pack, that cuts the number of cards down to 196. Maybe 40 of those will be some other special insert or parallel. If there are sweater or sig cards (and there should be two out of today's breaks), that won't effect the number of cards. So I've got about 150 or so cards to get the 73 that I need. Honestly, I don't expect to make it.

I know full well that you can buy this complete set on ebay auctions for something like $20, but there's no fun in that. That's a bit like getting a mail-order bride.

I'll break this down into four segments. No video. Just the written word. So far, I don't have any team sets completed. I need Erik Cole, Justin Williams and Mike Commodore to complete the Hurricanes set. I'll be looking mostly for those.

Oddly enough, most of the ones I'm missing from the complete base set are ones that I have already gotten the Gold Parallel.

More later.


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