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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Box break 1, part 2

The first half of the first box break went so well, I thought that I would start pulling ice cubes out of the box for the rest of box one. Instead, that box remained on fire!

I'll spare the pack-by-pack details, but in the 13th pack, I drew a Freddie Modin GP and a Rookie Redemption card! The first six packs were on fire, as I pulled stuff I needed, both for the regular set and the Gold Medallion parallel set. Things started to slow down around pack 19. There was one more decoy card, which I drew with pack 15 and an Alex Ovechkin Scoring King card.

In pack 23, I drew some elusive cards: Erik Cole, Jason Pominville and Chris Neil, to finish off their respective team sets.

At the end of that first box, I am only two cards short of the complete set. Card #107 Michael Cammelleri and card # 197 Chris Kunitz.

As I was on fire, I was hoping to complete the set with the first box, so I could give away the second box, still wrapped. Such is life.

On to box #2.


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