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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Fleer Ultra 2007-08 set complete

I got my two boxes of Fleer Ultras the other day, hoping to come within a few cards of completing the complete set. I needed 73 cards, and I figured I would get loads of cards I already had. Instead, I nearly completed the set with the first box.

I gave details on the first box break, but the second was a quest for just two cards. It turned out that I indeed had the Mike Cammelleri card that I thought I needed, and it took a little while, but I finally got card # 197 Chris Kunitz to complete the set.

There wasn't anything worth getting excited about in the second box. Just a bunch of common cards, two dozen GPs that I needed and a couple of Ultra Uniformity "jersey" cards. No autograph cards, no numbered, low print cards, no more rookie redemption. It turns out, the one rookie redemption I got in the first box was Jonathan Toews. I have to wait 12-16 weeks for the card to be delivered.

After filing the complete set away and organizing all the extras, it turned out that I was 44 cards shy of a second complete set. I gave the 156 cards, plus a few GP duplicates to my friend Patrick, who is an avid collector.

I'm supposed to be recieving a hobby box of UD Victory 2008-09 cards any day now. They are rumored to be "in transit". That complete set is 198 cards plus two checklists.


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