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Monday, August 25, 2008

RBH predicts player performance

Yesterday, I picked up The Hockey News special fantasy hockey/pool edition. It breaks down the top 100 players and also predicts the point production of most players. Just for fun, I'll compare what they predict for Hurricanes players to what I predict.

This is simply meat and potatoes. No analysis for right now. The players are arranged by where I think they'll fit on the depth chart:

  • Ray Whitney. THN sees a 68 (27/41) point campaign. I've got him at 61 (25/36)
  • Eric Staal. THN has 79 (35/44) points for him, while I have 93 (42/51)
  • Justin Williams. THN predicted 63 (30/33), and I went for 73 (36/37)
  • Sergei Samsonov. THN said 51 (22/29), and I think it'll be 55 (25/30)
  • Rod Brind'Amour. THN predicted 74 (24/50) for the Cap, but I predict 68 (27/41)
  • Patrick Eaves. THN picked 30 (15/15), and I said 34 (16/18)
  • Tuomo Ruutu. THN went with 43 (15/28), but I went with 33 (11/22)
  • Matt Cullen. THN forsees 49 (15/34), and I'm going with 46 (21/25)
  • Scott Walker. THN said 45 (20/25), and I say 44 (17/27)
  • Chad LaRose. THN predicts 25 (10/15), and I'm going with 30 (15/15)
  • Brandon Sutter. THN predicts 20 (9/11) for the rookie, and I'll say 29 (12/17)
  • Ryan Bayda. THN doesn't have Bayda on the chart, and I'm predicting 13 (4/9) for him

  • Joe Corvo. THN sees 54 (14/40) in his future, and I see 65 (15/50)
  • Tim Gleason. THN predicts 21 (4/17), and I think he'll have 19 (6/13)
  • Joni Pitkanen. THN has him for 34 (9/25), and I've got him for 35 (8/27)
  • Nic Wallin isn't on THN's radar, but I'm predicting 13 (4/9) for him.
  • Frantisek Kaberle. THN thinks he'll put up 25 (3/22) points. I'm not sure he'll be on Carolina's roster, but I'll pick 12 (1/11) for him.
  • Anton Babchuk. THN picks him for 16 (3/13), and I pick him for just 9 (2/7)
  • Tim Conboy isn't on THN's radar either. I think he'll have 8 (3/5) points.
  • Dennis Seidenberg. THN predicts 20 (3/17) for the German, while I see only 11 (2/9) points for him.

    There will be other players who come up from Albany, but these will be the mainstays.

    Also, the goalies:
  • Cam Ward THN sees a 37-win campaign, while I've got him down for 38.
  • Michael Leighton THN thinks he'll win 10 games, but I think he'll win 7.

    I'm predicting Carolina to have a 45-28-9 season. Sadly, 99 points won't win the division, but it'll be good enough for a #5 spot in the playoffs.

    Any thoughts?

    Anonymous said...

    unfortunately you left of a major component of the Carolina Hurricanes offense...
    None other than Jeff O'neill.
    You must have him up around 25-30 goals right?

    WufPirate said...

    Not just one major component.. Avi Tanabe is going to shock the world with 34/68.. You just wait :)

    Anonymous said...

    None other than Jeff O'neill.

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