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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Support for Penguins

At RBH, we are making no secret of our support for the Penguins. We supported them last season, only to watch them bow out. We're supporting them again this season.

There are some obvious and easy reasons to root for the Penguins. They have a Staal, Carolina has a Staal. They have a Ruutu, Carolina has a Ruutu. The connections from the past. Ron Francis. Tommy B.

I also have some friends who are lifelong Penguins fans, and I won't hesitate to support their club to live vicariously through them.

One such friend is a great comic book artist Rob Ullman. I recommend his blog any day of the week. Mostly, his blog is about the drawings that he does of scantily clad young busty women. Sometimes, these busty women are wearing hockey sweaters.
Here, for example, are his first round picks in the form of "girl in hockey sweater" drawings. Last season, the drawings weren't quite so polished.

If you're into hockey or comics, or more importantly -- scantily clad girls, check out Rob's blog. He's good peeps.

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