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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hurricanes squander division lead, playoffs in doubt

On Tuesday night, the Hurricanes lost the most important game of the season. They didn't just lose. They lost in glorious fashion, going down 4-1 to the Capitals. They have lost two games in a row and blown two chances to clinch the division. Now, they sit in first place over Washington not on points, but on tiebreaker scenarios. They have unfortunately reached a point where the next two games are unqualified "must win" situations.

I wasn't really watching the game. The most important game of the season, and I chose to give partial attention to it and most of my attention to some girl who roots for some unmentionable team. Don't ask.

I can't offer a game recap, but I'm sure Japers' Rink has a very nice one.

On Wednesday, Carolina will get what should be an easy win against Tampa. The Bolts are the worst team in the NHL, but they rained on Carolina's parade on Saturday. Then they'll have the Panthers in Raleigh for the season-ender on Friday.

Coincidentally, the Caps have the same two remaining home games, and they will get both on the back end of back-to-backs. The Bolts will be in Raleigh on Wednesday and Washington on Thursday. The Kitties will be in Raleigh on Friday and Washington on Saturday.

While Washington is certainly under pressure to win and also get help, Carolina is under even more. For them, what's at stake is the division. If they fail to win these two games, they will have squandered a lead that most people thought was as safe as could be. I think it's probably harder when you've got something to lose.

I woke up a nervous wreck. Now I'm angry. I hope I'm better by this time tomorrow night.

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Anonymous said...

With Whitney back in the lineup, how effective do you think he will be in helping the Canes win their last remaining games?


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