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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Busy hockey day

Tonight there are three NHL playoff games. That's an unusual number for the second round, but we should be glad to have it. The Detroit-Colorado series took an extra day off, which left yesterday with just the one game.

John Forslund, who has been with the Whaler/Canes organ-eye-zation since the early nineties, and who has been the teevee play-by-play guy since 1995, will be making the call for Versus for games three and four of that Detroit-Colorado series. He's been logging a lot of miles for Versus, and he's been doing a great job. It's weird, I must say, to hear him say "And Colorado is off and running!" or "Budaj says no!" rather than to have "Carolina" and "Cam Ward" plugged into those formulae.

Earlier in the night, of course, the Penguins and Rangers head into MSG for game three of their series. I don't expect the Penguins to sweep the series, but I don't expect the Rangers to win both home games either.

The biggest thing for me, though, will be game seven between the River Rats and the Phantoms in the Wachovia Center tonight.

In other AHL news, former Hurricane and female fan favorite Bates Battaglia scored a dramatic goal with less than a minute to play to give the Toronto Marlies (Maple Leafs) a series victory over the San Antonio Rampage (Coyotes). I'm not a fan of Battaglia on a personal level, but it's good to see him doing well.

Go Pens!
Go Rats!


Anonymous said...

Trust me, the Rangers will win both games at MSG and take this series when all is said and done.

Lundqvist >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fleury

Your welcome!

Robert Ullman said...

Anonymous, is it? Good luck with that.

Anyway, your argument might have some validity, but we'll never find out, 'cause the rest of the Rangers <<<<<<<<<<<< the Penguins.

Also, I hope Forslund's calling the Detroit game doesn't mean that we'll get Joe Beninnatti for the Pens game...that guy's awful!

d-lee said...

Thank goodness it's Emrick rather than Benanati. As a SE division fan, I'm sick of that guy anyway. I don't know how he got the postseason gig with Versus.


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