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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Carolina blows it

On Friday night, Carolina had the opportunity to secure the #3 playoff in the East. All they had to do was win a home game against the Panthers. This is something the Hurricanes had done umpteen times in a row, dating back to 2002.

Despite all the gifts that Florida gave Carolina, the Hurricanes couldn't pull out the win. For now, Carolina is technically in second place in the Southeast and on the outside looking in at the playoffs. The Canes have gone from having control of their own destiny to praying for an upset on Saturday when the Kitties take on the red-hot Capitals.

I'm too angry/frustrated/heartbroken to look up the stats, but Carolina had what seemed like an hour of power play. They had a very significant amount of two-man advantage power play. That went so poorly that Carolina allowed a shorthanded goal en route to a 4-3 loss that all but killed their playoff hopes.

Carolina tried being good. That didn't work. Now they will have to get lucky.

The Flyers didn't do any favors for the Canes, as they won their game over the Devils. All of those back doors involving the Flyers are slammed shut.

The last hope is that Florida beats Washington on Saturday at the Verizon Center.

I don't have the eloquence or even the right words to make a proper post. They crapped the bed, and don't deserve to get any help from the Panthers.

I refuse to put a whole lot of hope in that key game. I doubt I'll even watch.

I think I'll be rooting for the Penguins in the playoffs. If anyone can give me a compelling argument explaining why I should root for some other team, I'm all ears.


Anonymous said...

I pulling for the Caps...I'm tired of hearing about the SE Division being non-players while grabbig 2 out the the last 3 Cups.

Anonymous said...

I'm not pulling for the Capitols. The way I see it, they took Carolina's playoff spot away. I'll probably pull for the Penguins even though I doubt I'll even care to follow the playoffs since the Canes won't be in it (unless Florida can pull off another win- GO PANTHERS!)

Anonymous said...

The Canes gave their own playoff spot away- they had a billion chances to win last night, and didn't. But it's not over yet- anything can happen tonight.


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