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Saturday, April 05, 2008

looking to the offseason

Carolina technically is still in the running for a playoff position. I'm pretty confident, however, that Washington will get at the very least one standings point tonight. That will end the Canes season and begin the re-signing season.

We're all hoping that at some point, preferably tomorrow morning, Bret Hedican announces his retirement. I'm sure he's a nice fella. He's a terrific skater and a consummate teammate, but he just isn't any good as a defenseman anymore. Sure, he's tops on the team in +/- rating, and he's way up there in blocked shots. Sure, he's up there in takeaways. Sure, he makes a dazzling play once in a while. However, he blows coverage a lot, lags behind plays, refuses to hit, and is a source of constant frustration. I've been ready for him to retire for a long time.

When he retires, the Canes will have just three defensemen under contract. Later on, I'll evaluate the forwards, but for now, I'll look at the defense.

Frantisek Kaberle is signed through 2010 and his cap hit will be $2.2M next season.
Nic Wallin is signed through 2010 and his cap hit will be $1.725 next season.
Joe Corvo is signed through 2010 and his cap hit will be $2.75 next season.

Hedican will retire.
Glen Wesley may retire, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit if he signed on for another year at $1.4M

  • Tim Gleason made $1.175 this season and is scheduled to be a RFA. I think he needs to be re-signed. Maybe with a slight raise. Let's say $1.3M.
  • Dennis Seidenberg played well this season for $850k and will be a RFA. I'd like to see him back, but I wouldn't be surprised if he signed elsewhere.
  • Tim Conboy made $550 on a two-way contract this season and will be a RFA. I'd really like to see him back with a two-year extension.
  • Casey Borer is under a two-way contract through next season. He won't be a full-time NHLer, but he'll see time.

    For sure, I think we'll see Conboy and Gleason signed to extensions.
    Although I like Seidenberg, I think he'll end up somewhere else.

    The Canes will have to make at least one move for a defenseman in free agency. Even if Glen Wesley decides to stick around. I can't possibly speculate at this point, but I think the thing to do will be to get a defensive defenseman.

    That's it for now. Later on, the forwards.

    Pyronite said...

    Trade Wallin!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Seidenberg has been one of the consistant bright spots...his downside continues to be struggling with injuries. He deserves atleast a one year extension and solid playing minutes to see how things work out for him.


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