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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Montréal fans gone wild

On Monday night, the Montréal Canadiens defeated the Boston Bruins 5-0 to win the eastern conference quarterfinal series four games to three.

Boston put up way more of a fight than anyone expected, but they just didn't have enough in the tank. In most NHL cities, the fans are slightly jubilant when their heavily favored team wins a first round series against a big underdog.

In some cities, the fans spill out into the streets till the wee hours of the morning. Most of those celebrations are reserved for conference championships and of course the Stanley Cup championship.

In Montréal last night, there was utter chaos. And not in a good way:

This is absolutely disgusting. People setting cop cars on fire and smashing things is never acceptable, and winning the eastern conference quarterfinals is no excuse for the way those "fans" behaved. Les Habitants have won 23 Stanley Cups, and you would think that in 99 years they would have learned to take a first round series victory in stride. Apparently, you would think wrong.

Obviously, the hundreds of people responsible for the ugly scene last night are not representative of the Hab nation as a whole, but it's pretty ugly. If I were a citizen of Montreéal, I would be a little embarrassed and a little frightened right now.

If this is how people behaved after a win, I wonder how they would have behaved if Boston had won game seven.

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