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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


On Monday, the Blackhawks re-signed right wing Radim Vrbata. However, I was stunned this morning when I logged into the free agent tracker over at sportsnet.ca. They reported a one year contract at $2.45M. I was about to go on a rampage with that one, as I don't think Verby is worth more than about $900k. He's got loads of potential, but he never lived up to it in Colorado, and he never lived up to it here in Carolina. Tired of giving him numerous chances and using him as a healthy scratch, the Canes dumped him to the 'Hawks for "future considerations". He may have found his place in Chicago, because he had 34 points (13/21) in 45 games for them last season.

I leapt out of my chair and screamed several obscenities when I saw that figure. One year, $2.45M. I thought for sure they (the Blackhawks) were on crack. After researching the matter, it turns out that it is a TWO year deal worth a total of $2.45M. $1.225M per year. That's a little more like it. When he proves that he can consistently play like he did in those 45 games, then he'll deserve something like $2.45M or more a season, but time will tell.

I guess the point is, sometimes these things aren't entirely accurate.

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