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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tallinder signs, avoids arbitration

On Friday, Sabres defenseman Henrik Tallinder signed a deal with the Sabres, and avoided arbitration hearings. The terms of the deal were not announced, but it is believed to be of the "multi-year" variety. One source indicates that it is a four year deal. No financials have been guessed.

The Sabres had 12 players file for arbitration, and thus far three have agreed to terms before the hearing was scheduled. The only player to have his hearing date so far has been Danny Briere, who had his hearing on Thursday morning. We'll know by Saturday night what the arbitrator decided, then we'll know by Monday morning what the Sabres do.

Here's the updated arbitration list, including the newly added hearing dates. Anything in green font indicates that they came to terms before their hearing. I haven't decided how to color code the "wins" and "losses" yet:
  • July 20 Danny Briere (2006 salary - $1.93M) -- likely to get something like $2.75M Awarded $5M.
  • July 26 Toni Lydman (2006 salary - $1.9M) -- likely to get $2.5M 4 years, $11.5M
  • July 31 JP Dumont (2006 salary - $1.596M) -- likely to get $2.5M
  • August 3 Maxim Afenogenov (2006 salary - $1.086M) -- likely to get $2.75M 3 years, $10M
  • August 1 Tim Connolly (2006 salary - $1.036M) -- likely to get 0 $2.25M 3 years, $8.9M
  • July 25 Ales Kotalik (2006 salary - $837,900) -- likely to get $2M 3 years, $7M.
  • Henrik Tallinder (2006 salary - $591,000) - likely to get $900,000 - $1.6M next season.
  • August 2Paul Gaustad (2006 salary - $501,600) - likely to get $900,000 Signed for 2 years ($675k, $750k)
  • Brian "Soupy" Campbell (2006 salary - $459,800) - likely to get $1.66M. Signed for 2 years ($1.25M / $1.75M)
  • August 4Adam Mair (2006 salary - $450,000) - likely to get $450,000
  • Andrew "Golfy" Peters (2006 salary - $450,000) - likely to get $450,000Signed for $460,000
  • July 28 Jason Pominville (2006 salary - $450,000) - likely to get $900,000 3 years, $3.1M


Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

When did you become a Sabres fan allofasudden? 0_o

d-lee said...

Canes have their house (for the most part) in order. We still need to trade Tverdovsky for a centerman, but that's just a dream, really.

If it wasn't for the Canes, I would be a Sabres fan. Also, I just think their list of arbitration filers is an interesting story to follow.

Don't worry. I'm not rushing out to buy one of the Slugalo sweaters when they unveil them. ;) I'll be one of the first to actually see one of those things, though, when we open the season at home against Buffalo.

Chris said...

How do you figure Briere will get 2.75/year. Considering the horrendous contract Havlat signed with Chicago, it could be around $4 million unfortunately.

d-lee said...

Those "guesses" are still the ones I made a few weeks ago.
We'll know sometime today, but I still think that he won't get the kind of dough you're talking about.

Meg said...

Tallinder's getting 1.6 next year, although the other 3 years of the contract haven't been posted anywhere yet.

Chris said...

Told ya. 1 year, 5 million for Briere.

d-lee said...

I'm shocked. I don't see a way that Buffalo can keep him.

Tom L said...

Buffalo was planning on paying Briere 4 to 4.5 million, hoping to keep the number for this season under 4.

Danny, OTOH, is one to always maximize his position. He did it with PHX, and he's done it here in BUF. No shame in it, but, it does put a crimp in the plan of trying to keep the team together... you know, that thing he lobbied so hard for earlier in the summer.

BTW, D-L, you were completely off-base on Tallinder. I'm glad Regier got this year under $2 mil, but I knew he'd get at least $1.5.

Lydman will get Spacek-like money....3 years, $10 mil.

I don't care what Poms gets, I'm not really sold on the guy. If he expects more than $750K I say move him, but I'm cheap. Goose will get that kind of money $600-700k. Your estimate is too high, IMO..

Lastly, Briere is 3x the player Satan is. That just means Miro is worth around $1.5 mil.



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