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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oilers take another hit; Peca gone

On Tuesday, the Oilers suffered another loss, as center Mike Peca was signed by the Leafs to a one year deal for $2.5M.
Peca was acquired last August in a trade from the Islanders. It looked like a salary-shedding move by the Islanders, and even then the trade (Mike York and a conditional pick for Peca) seemed to favor the Islanders. Peca, despite being an important piece of the Oilers playoff puzzle, had a weak (by his standards) season, tallying just 23(9/14) points in 71 regular season games. He picked it up quite a bit in the playoffs, with 11 points (6/5) in 24 games.

Mike York, meanwhile, had a great season for the Fishermen, notching 52 points (13/39) in 75 regular season games.

Offensive statistics, though, aren't what people look for in Mike Peca. He's a great face-off guy. Last season, he won 55% of his faceoffs while taking 24.5% of his team's draws. He's also important to his team in special teams situations, as he plays a very sound defensive game.

That said, I've never thought that he has earned his pay. For the record, here's what I had to say about the York-Peca trade last August:
In a room-making move, the Islanders are having to ship Michael Peca to the Oilers in exchange for Mike York and a conditional pick. I immediately thought that the Oilers made another spectacular trade, but I'm not so sure. Peca is way overrated. For the money they'll have to spend, it was probably a bad deal.

Now. Let's look at the particulars. In 03-04, he scored 40 points (11/29) while getting paid $4.25M by the Islanders. Not terribly cost-effective, even when you figure in his faceoff and special teams value. Last season, with the Oilers, he was paid $3.99M and had a very disappointing offensive season.

The deal he has signed with the Leafs is a little more sensible. At that price, I don't think he's overrated.

Add him to the list of departed Oilers. Pronger. Spacek. Samsonov. Laraque . Peca.

They did pick up Marty Reasoner and Daniel Tjarnqvist, but they have suffered more setbacks than these two can atone for.

Insert your own emasculating juvenile play on words here. I'll give you a suggestion or two.
They won't win a Cup anytime soon because they have a tiny Peca
The Stanley Cup is too big for their Peca
For the record, I saw both of these on fans' signs during the Cup Finals.

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