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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Adios, Matt Cullen. Hello John Grahame.

On Saturday, the New York Rangers picked Matt Cullen off the free agent market. As of right now, the details are only that it is a multi-year deal. Four years for a total of $11.2M. He deserves it, and we'll miss him. Cullen had a good season with the Canes, tallying 49 points (25/24) in the regular season and 18 points (4/14) in the playoffs. This loss will absolutely mean the Canes will have to shop for some wingers. It was already looking that way anyway, but now it's even more apparent.

In other free agents, Cane-related stuff, the Canes signed John Grahame to a two-year deal for $2.8M. Grahame will be the #2 goalie, and we will bid a fond farewell to Martin Gerber.

I have a HUGE house-cleaning project in the works for today, but perhaps I'll take a break at some point and post about the very big non-Cane free agents. Mark Savard and Zdeno Chara to the Bs, Jovocop to the 'Yotes, and Hall Gill to the Leafs. Those are just a few of the big name team changes. There were some other key re-signings, too.


Anonymous said...

According to TSN, Gerber signed with the Sens.

BigDaddy906 said...

Canes sign LaRose to a 2 yr deal today...for $450,000 and $500,000.



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