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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

on being day-to-day, and being shorthanded

Here's a little gem of a conversation I overheard at the RBC Center during Saturday night's game with the Canadiens

  • Person 1 : "Hey, it looks like Koivu isn't gonna play tonight."
  • Person 2 : "No, He's playing. He's on the ice right now."
  • Person 1 : "The injury report says he's day-to-day. Look!"
  • Person 2 : "He's ON THE ICE
  • Person 1 : "But it says he's day to day."
  • Person 2 : "I know, but he's on the ice."
  • Andy : "I guess today is his day."

Then later in the game, the very same "Person 1" was at it again ...

  • Person 1 (yelling): "C'Mon! This is a power play! This looks terrible!"
  • Person 1 (still yelling) : "C'Mon! Power play! You're not even trying!"
  • me : "Except that we're actually on the penalty kill"

I could be wrong here, and I never turned around to look at them, but I'm pretty confident that "Person 2" is the same guy who always yells at Oleg Tverdovsky:

I might fight that dude before the season is over.

If you ask me, Tverdovsky has been a minor disappointment thus far, as fans were expecting a much more dominant defensive player with a bit of an offensive upside. Lately, though, he's come on really strong, playing very soundly. We're starting to get our money's worth out of him.

As an aside, we're still working on a nickname for Chad Larose, but for now, a leading contender is "Speed Racer" or, alternately, "Speedy".

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1 comment:

Michael said...

okay... speed racer, you say?

then which one of them is chim-chim? ;)


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