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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Luongo says no

Roberto Luongo of the Florida Panthers turned away a huge contract extension offer like so many shots on goal.

After turning down a five-year, $30M contract, Luongo said:
I just want to make sure we're a playoff team for many years to come. I don't want to spend another five years here just watching the playoffs on television.
It is a great contract for me, but No. 1 is winning a Stanley Cup and having success in the playoffs. After that, money comes second.

The folks at TSN seem to think this is a selfless, magnanimous gesture on his part. I've got a different theory.

Translation: "I will be a free agent in the summer, and I want to move to a bona fide Cup contender. I'd rather not be locked into a five year deal here."

1 comment:

Tom L said...


Can you blame him? I wouldn't want to work for The Keenan for another 5 years either. Magnanimous? No way. Just shrewd politics as you suggest.



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