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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

These hockey dreams ... what do they mean?

Since the Canes have had a few days off, and the free preview of Center Ice has expired, I haven't watched any hockey in the past few days. I have, though, had some hockey dreams. I can't figure them out.

One of them involved me taking some friends to a game. More specifically, a couple. They're not into hockey at all. They just wanted to go with me since I'm so into it. We got a group of seats that were near my normal seat, but a few rows back. They had a terrible time.

Another dream involved me arriving at the arena without any of my stuff, or my ticket. I couldn't get ahold of my ticket rep, so I thought I would be doomed. For some reason, though, it wasn't a problem. The ticket scanner guy and the usher both let me go right through.
Incidentally, this happened to me going to a concert one time. I had forgotten the tickets for my friends, but the door guy let us all in since I was on the guest list. Since then, I've been obsessive-compulsive about making sure to remember the tickets whenever I go to a ticketed event.

Yet another dream involved me arriving at the arena to find out that my seat wasn't there. It didn't exist. They had widened the Zamboni entrance and had to take out seats on either side of it. My seat was one of the casualties. I wasn't given any explanation or any sort of recompense. Very strange. In this same dream, they had also converted the arena into one of those fancy retractable-roof venues. They had the roof open. This was probably the strangest of all the dreams. The others make sense (sort of) while this one does not.

Tomorrow night we've got the Leafs.

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