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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Canes win again -- 5-3 over Pens. Staal shines.

Once again, the Canes spotted their opponent a two goal lead. Once again, they poured it on in the third frame, scoring four goals to overtake the host Penguins.

I won't get into the details of the game until I watch the dvr of it, but I will say this: Eric Staal is a superstar.

I didn't think he could outdo his three goal effort last night against the Flyers, but he decided to celebrate his 21st birthday by assisting on four of the Canes five goals. He now has nine goals and 13 assists for a total of 22 points after 11 games. All alone in first place in the points category, second in the assists category and second in the goals category. At this rate, he'll score 164 points and run away with the Art Ross and Hart trophies.

I have to be realistic about this and say that he'll slow down at some point. Honestly, though, I thought he would have already slowed. Either way, he's been one of the best players on the ice in every game we've played. Somehow tonight he didn't get a star, but we all know he was the best player on the ice.

If you aren't a Carolina fan, you need to start watching our games. We're a good gutsy team and that kid is a phenom. If you live near an NHL city where the Canes will visit, you need to get a ticket for that game. You'll wanna be able to say "Yeah, I've seen that kid in person -- he's amazing."

We have the next four days off, and I'll expect to see a full house when we return back home to host the Leafs. I also expect that the team store is selling Staal sweaters faster than they can re-stock them. I can't wait for that game.


Brushback said...
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greatwhitebear said...

Staal, along with Jason Williams, is going to be on my list of biggest NHL surprises, as are the 'Canes.

Tom L said...

The Canes are now officially on my "Must Watch" list d-lee. They are all that you described above. I would suggest you look at the western conference version of them... the Sharks. They are, as well, on the "Must See TV" list.

I can only hope that Lindy Ruff is showing our boys film of the Canes whenever he can...



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