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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Birthday, Eric Staal!

Today is the day that Eric Staal stops asking Radim Vrbata to buy beer for him. He'll turn 21, and he can buy his own beer after the Canes take on the Pens at Mellon Arena. Actually, he'll be able to buy a beer for his dear old dad. The Hurricanes have put together a ""fathers weekend". 15 Canes players have their dad traveling with the team for the Pittsburgh game tonight. They have also been with the team for last night's home game against Philly.

To commemorate the 21st birthday of #12, I'll be listening to Rush's rock opera, 2112 all day long.

Okay, that's a joke. I don't own that record. I don't even like Rush. I have a friend (a Rangers fan) who once told me that it's "un-American" to not like Rush. I don't understand why it's our patriotic duty to like Canadian prog-rock, but ... whatever.

I doubt that Staaly will have a better game than he did last night, but I suppose it's possible.


Brushback said...

It's not even "un-American" to dislike Aerosmith, so I don't know what that guy is talking about.

(Hope I put this on the right post this time.)

Tom L said...


I hate Aerosmith... but well, Imma huge Rush fan. I almost got misty eyed scanning your post... then I read it closely. :)



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