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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Canes-Sens tonight

Carolina and Ottawa square off tonight at 7:30 at Scotiabanc Place. Carolina had the place to themselves yesterday, as the Sens were in Atlanta .

Ottawa is one of four remaining teams who have yet to lose. Hopefully, Carolina will do as they did in October of 2005, and put an end to the Sens perfection. Without a doubt, that 3-2 win was one of the most exciting games of that season. I remember it well, even without re-reading my post. It was the first game back after their annual two week October road trip. It was unseasonably cold that night and very windy.

This is game three of the six game swing. So far, the Canes have played their worst game of the season (Washington) and their best (Toronto). They will have to be something more like the latter because the Sens are no joke.

Since the Canes were shut out two games back, there are no point streaks entering the game, but ten Canes had at least one point on Tuesday and will be looking to do the same tonight.

Jason Spezza has yet to score a goal, but has eight assists so far this season, and has at least one point in every game. Of course my pointing out that he hasn't registered a goal means that he'll get three tonight, but it is what it is.

Eric Staal (4/1) and Viva (1/4) each have five points for the Canes to lead them into tonight.


Eman said...

I think you would want to say that Toronto was their best game so far of the 6 game swing, and not Montreal.

d-lee said...

Yeah. That certainly is what I meant to type. That's what I get for trying to write before I've had coffee.
The correction has been made, but perhaps I was looking into the future and this coming Saturday's game in Montreal.


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