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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Adding injury to insult to injury.....

Things have gone from bad to worse in the Carolina Hurricanes injury department.

On Friday, the Canes lost Scott Walker to a mysterious injury, and on Saturday, they lost Erik Cole to a soccer injury.

A soccer injury?

Yeah. Details are starting to emerge, and they're not good. The Hurricanes were playing soccer near a loading dock at the Wachovia Center. Close by, the Flyers were doing the same thing. This isn't unusual at all. However, today, Erik Cole hurt his foot. According to Luke Decock's blog, there are differing reports about the severity. Some claim that he twisted an ankle, while others are saying that he broke a bone. Either way, according to Luke, coach Peter Laviolette called the injury "not insignificant", and said "he's likely to miss at least a week."

This is just one more thing to heap on the Hurricanes. The season is only eight games old, but the Hurricanes have yet to have a completely healthy roster. Remember last season? The Hurricanes had a "fully healthy" roster for about 17 minutes. Seriously. It was less than one game. Less than a full period.

So far, in this very young season, Carolina has lost 19 man-games to injury through the first 8 games. Here's the list, with currently injured players in bold face:
  • ERIK COLE -- 1 game, foot.
  • ANDREW LADD -- 5 games, ankle.
  • SCOTT WALKER -- 1 game, torso.
  • CORY STILLMAN -- 3 games, torso
  • MIKE COMMODORE -- 4 games, leg
  • BRET HEDICAN -- 2 games, flu
  • DENNIS SEIDENBERG -- 3 games, knee.

Walker is expected to miss a couple more games. Ladd and Seidenberg could be back any day now. From the sounds of it, Cole will miss at least four more games.

This sounds like a lot of man-games lost, and it is. However, at this rate, the team will lose 174 man-games to injury over the full season. Compare that to 250 man-games lost last season, and 267 games in 2005-06. Last season, just before the All-Star break, I did a rundown of all the Hurricanes injuries (to that point). Take a stroll down memory lane, and enjoy the graphics!

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