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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cats 4 - Canes 2

I didn't get to watch the game the way I would have liked, but I saw most of the game tonight. Carolina certainly had their chances, but in the end, they lost 4-2. Florida spent the last five minutes of the game with at least a one-man-advantage, and that was when they seized the game.

Florida got what they wanted. After being "wronged" last April 1, the Panthers were vindicated tonight when Carolina was called twice for diving. I haven't gone over the tape with a fine-toothed comb, but I remember the one where LaRose was called for diving, and it's bullshit. There should have been no call there at all. On either side.

Eric Staal definitely committed a penalty at 15:47 of the third, but I think "holding" was the wrong call. Roughing, or cross-checking maybe. Holding? No. That's beside the point. The key point of the game was when Justin Williams was correctly called for delay of game at 17:17 of the third, giving the Panthers a five-on-three. They wasted little time in converting that, then scoring another power play goal in the closing moments to put Carolina out.

I predicted a 4-1 victory by the Canes, and I was quite a bit off on that.

Later on, I'll check the DVR of the game. Like I say, I remember the LaRose "diving" penalty, and it was bush league. I didn't see the one against Williams when it happened live.

All that aside, Olli Jokinen was up to his usual "Cane Killa" stuff. He had a goal and two assists, earning first star of the game.

The two teams will meet again in Raleigh on Saturday night. Expect to see more gift "diving" penalties against the Canes.


John said...

I just watched the game on DVR since I didn't get off work until 11 PM. Those diving calls were ridiculous, and the Panthers couldn't have won without them. The Hurricanes, however, could have won despite those horrible calls if they had converted on a couple of their power plays.

Have you ever seen a team bitch and moan over every penalty more than the Panthers?

Anonymous said...

Did you notice in that DVR how few people were in the building? Maybe they whine and moan hoping to generate enough interest for someone to come watch their sorry asses. The only way they could whine more would be to pick up Brendan Shanahan. Boo f**k-ing hoo.


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