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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Man, do I love Center Ice!

I just caught the end of the Leafs and Thrashers. I picked it up with about 8 minutes remaining in the third, and that was pretty much all I needed.

There was an interesting thing that happened, though. I wonder if anyone else noticed this. After Todd White finished a two-on-one break to give the Thrashers a 4-3 lead with about 7:00 left, there was a shot of Leafs coach Paul Maurice, who looked a tiny bit upset. Chairman Mo was never one to express emotions one way or the other. That's not the point, though.

The next camera shot was of the Thrashers bench. There was a close shot of Brian Little, whose team had just taken the lead in a tight game. He looked less excited than even Paul Maurice. I thought I had imagined it, but I rewound it a few times, and saw the same thing each time. No emotion. Strange.

I actually felt myself tensing up watching the final minute as the Leafs put crazy pressure on the Thrashers, then I leapt up off the couch when Ponikarovsky tied it with 10 seconds left.

The overtime wasn't much, but I really enjoyed the shootout. It was sort of like a few weeks ago when the Dallas Cowboys won in dramatic fashion against the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football. Two teams that I really dislike, but I was getting worked up about the endgame.

Now, if only I had a high definition TV, I'd be even more geeked up about Center Ice.

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