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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Third round went swimmingly, on to the finals

After an embarrassing 0-4 performance in the second round of the playoffs, my predictions went 2-0 in the third round.

Cumulatively, I've gone 8-6. Not bad. Last year, picking the Canes to win, I went 9-6.

My pick for the Stanley Cup Champs is ..... Anaheim.

Make no mistake. I'm rooting for the Sens. I'm rooting for them in a big way.

Here's what my head has to say:

As I've said before, the Hockey gods are funny guys. They've got that long running joke with us that they want to continue. If the "joke" continues, it will make perfect sense for Ottawa to lose. They will become the 18th different team in a row to lose in the SCF. Anaheim has already lost, so they can't repeat or the joke ends.

In another way, the hockey gods might have another joke. A new joke. The way this new one works, is you win the Cup four years after you lose in the SCF.

Carolina lost in 2002, and won in 2006.
Anaheim lost in 2003, and has a very good shot to win in 2007.

If this turns out like this, 2008's champ will be Cal-Gary, who lost in 2004. Their opponent will be one of: Rangers, Islanders, Thrashers, Bolts, Penguins or Maple Leafs (any of whom would make it 19 straight different losers). My bet is that it will be Pittsburgh.


My heart says I should root for the Sens. And I will.

There are many reasons, but the primary one is that they need to win this for Elgin-Alexander.

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Chris said...

I'm 10-4 so far. Not so bad, despite picking against Detroit every round.


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