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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nucks, Pyatt close

I've been making a lot of noise over the past few days about Taylor Pyatt. I've said that the Hurricanes shouldn't worry too much about the Scott Walker situation, let him go to free agency if that's what he wants to do, and go after Taylor Pyatt. Now, it looks like Carolina won't get that chance.

From what I've read at TSN, the Canucks and Pyatt are very close to coming to an agreement. There had previously been an offer on the table for two years at $1.2M per year. Pyatt was looking for $1.5. Evidently, the two sides are getting closer, and Pyatt's agent has called the latest offer "legitimate".

Like Anson Carter before him, Pyatt had a very good year playing with the Sedinbots. He tallied 37 (23/14) points, setting new career highs in all categories. I was hoping that the Nucks would allow Pyatt to become a free agent, just like they allowed Anson Carter to last summer. However, they have other plans.

As the two sides close in on an acceptable deal, it certainly looks unlikely that Pyatt will be available July 1.

I'm sure between now and then, I will come up with several other armchair GM ideas.

As for Anson Carter, there's a bit of a pickle. He played will in his limited time with the Hurricanes, but he only scored one goal and no assists in ten games. Most of his time was spent on a revolving third line, where he didn't even have a chance to click with anyone. I like him. I think he's a good player, but I don't think the Hurricanes should bother attempting to re-sign him. Unless, of course, he takes a significant pay cut. The $2.5M that Columbus paid him was way too much. If you count him out and you count Scott Walker out, Carolina will have to be on the lookout for two right wingers. Taylor Pyatt is no longer an option. The best option we have "in the system" is Keith Aucoin, but I'm not sure that I like him as an every day player.

I'm not seeing any really good options among the scheduled UFAs. Carolina will have to trade or go the RFA route.

Anyone have any ideas?

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