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Friday, May 04, 2007

Ducks advance

Last night, in double overtime, the Ducks defeated the Canucks, 2-1. They have taken the series 4-1 and will advance to the Western Conference Final. Hopefully against San Jose.

Condolences to Alanah and J.J..

I'd been growing my beard again. Partly out of a desire to support the Canucks, and partly as an attempt to be in good favor with a young lady who prefers the beard to the clean shave. I was about to cross the line from "sexy bearded man to goddamned hippy" (thanks, Sacamano). I was beginning to look, as I quipped last May, like an "out of work lumberjack". Today, I trimmed it way back. I still have some facial hair, which pleases the young lady, and I don't feel like a miscreant.

So the Ducks are on to the round of four. Congrats go out to Finny.

Tonight, there's a huge matchup in Buffalo. The winner tonight will have two chances to finish off their opponent.

If Buffalo wants to win, they'll have to get their power play working.
If the Rangers want to win, they'll have to keep doing what they're doing, but find a way to score more than two goals.


magnolia_mer said...

So who the hell do I root for now??? Eek!!

John said...

The Ducks. Teemu Selanne, who has been one of my favorite players since his rookie season, has never won a Stanley Cup. He's playing like this is his last chance, too.

You could join me in rooting for the Rangers by salting slugs* in a sacrifice to the hockey gods...

*I have not actually killed any slugs.

alanah said...

Thanks for the sympathy and for supporting the Canucks. I think you should keep the playoff beard going, though. How many other opportunities in life do you get to look like a "goddamned hippy" for good reason?!

d-lee said...

Thanks, but I took it to the limit of where even I can stand it.

Last spring I was in agony with that damned beard, but it did bring mojo.

Besides, I showed pictures of the full beard to the girl, and she gave it an emphatic thumbs down.


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