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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Checking the mail bag

This is a cheap trick, but since there isn't much going on at RBH, and I need something to post, I'll check the mail bag. These are not the "greatest hits" of inquiries, but these are the most recent ones. These aren't so much letters as they are search inquiries on this blog or leading to this blog today.

Letter #1:
Dear RBH,
"eric staal danish"
Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Stockholm,
No. Eric Staal isn't a danish (small d), in the "Ich bein ein berliner" kind of way. Nor is he Danish (big D). He's Canadian. You might be thinking of Kim Staal, who is in the Predators organization. That dude's from Denmark, and he is unrelated to Eric, Mark, Jordan and Jared Staal.

Thank you and may Todd bless The Concretes.

Letters #2 & #3 ask the same question
Dear RBH,
"christie chorley"
Portland, Oregon
Herndon, Virginia

Dear Portland and Herndon,
Is this what you're looking for?
That's not Chris Pronger with her. I'm not saying that the dude in the picture didn't impregnate her. I'm just saying that he isn't Chris Pronger. I'm not saying that he did impregnate her, either. I'm just saying that the dude in the picture isn't Chris Pronger.

Letters #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 all come from the same reader:
Dear RBH,
"beautiful woman"

Raleigh, North Carolina

Dear Raleigh,
Taking these one at a time:
  1. Yes. I have one of those.
  2. Ummm. I don't have very much of that, and much of it is for the Detroit Red Wings and the Nashville Predators
  3. No. I don't have one of those. Feel free to compose an RBH Anthem if you wish.
  4. Oh yes. I love beautiful women. I even know a few.
  5. I don't have enough of that.
  6. No. I don't have one of those. See above.

Any contributions concerning 6, 7 and 8 would be graciously accepted.

These are just some of today's most interesting letters.

Keep them coming.

1 comment:

Brushback said...

You're right-- a cheap trick, yet entertaining.


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