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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nucks grab last spot

On Monday night, the Vancouver Canucks, wearing their third sweater, finally finished off the Dallas Stars 4-1. There were two empty net goals, so it wasn't the blowout that the score might suggest. Finally, the playoff picture for the second round is complete.

In the first round, I correctly predicted six series winners and missed two. Last year I correctly picked only three in the first round. For comparison, Maggie the Monkey correctly picked four in this season's first round. I'm half again as smart as a monkey!

I hope that I'll take a close look at each series, but for now, I'll just cut to the chase and make my second round predictions.

So without further ado, after re-seeding:

I agonised over the Sabres-Rangers series. For the reason that there are about 7 former WhalerCanes on the Rangers roster, I have to pull for them. As long as Ryan Miller stays healthy and effective, this should be a great series that will go the distance. The only problem with rooting for the Rags, though, is that Jaro Jagr comes with that territory.

Nucks-Ducks and Sabres-Rags will start on Wednesday while Devils-Sens and Wings-Sharks will begin Thursday.


John said...

Like many Hurricanes fans, I'm a transplanted Yankee. I'm a Rangers fan, and I was dejected when Jagr came to the city. Earlier this season, I was pissed when Sean Avery joined the team. I don't think there are two players in the league I hate more than Avery and Jagr, but they've been winning games for the Rangers.

I think you're right in picking the Rangers in seven. It's going to come down to two factors:

-Prucha/Cullen/Callahan have to score
-Lundqvist has to outplay Miller

Lundqvist *will* outplay Miller: Miller is a lot like Gerber for the Canes last year. He was serviceable, but if not for a high-powered offense in front of him, the Hurricanes wouldn't have finished 2nd in the conference.

Anonymous said...

Canucks in 6? Wow... before last night's Ducks vs. Canucks game, I said Ducks in 4.

After last night, Ducks in 3. Vancouver can just forfeit the last game and bow before the almighty Pronger.


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