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Monday, April 09, 2007

Ed Belfour is a toolbag (v 6.11)

As if we needed anything else as evidence of Ed Belfour's character, the Miami Herald has reported that Belfour has been arrested again. Essentially, he refused to leave a nightclub after he had been cut off and kicked out. When police arrived, he still refused to leave. When he was placed under arrest, he resisted.

It sounds stunningly like the incident in Dallas in 1999. There is no word on how much money Belfour offered the Miami police, but he reportedly offered officers in Dallas "One billion dollars" not to arrest him.

This time, Belfour had to be subdued with a taser after he approached officers "in a fighting stance" and refused orders to place his hands behind his back.

The full police report is viewable here

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