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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

McFarlane postpones Staal figurine

McFarlane Toys was scheduled to release an Eric Staal figure as part of their NHL Series 14 set, which is due for release in March. Kind of. The initial plan was to use one mold for two figures. They would simply paint the figure in one way to represent Eric Staal and in another to depict Alex Kovalev. (story) The Staal figures would have shipped to stores in the United States, while the Kovalev figures would have shipped to Canadian stores. Thankfully, they've abandoned that idea.

Actually, the Kovalev figure has been scrapped, and the Staal figure has been postponed. And it's being placed in a "Canada only" series. Collectors in the United States (read: Canes fans) will have to order the Staal figure on-line or find one on the black market. You know. The dodgy underground world of out-of-market hockey toys.

McFarlane has also altered their marketing strategy. Instead of issuing two sets containing six figures per year, they'll issue smaller sets of four figures more frequently.

The Series 14 set will have Marian Hossa in the Thrashers third home sweater, Henrik Zetterberg in the Red Wings road sweater, Curtis Joseph in the Oilers home sweater and ALSO in the Coyotes road sweater, and finally Markus Naslund (just having scored a hat trick) in the 'Nucks home sweater.

The Series 15 will have Dion Phaneuf, Roberto "Yo, Luongo" Luongo, Staal, and Darcy Tucker. No details about poses or sweater colors on the Series 15 set.
For further details and photos of the Series 14 figures, go here.


Anonymous said...

"Carolina's brilliant winger is the very definition of a Phenom"
wow. i wonder how much thought they have giving this project. this is a quote from their site.

d-lee said...

Yeah. Obviously somebody dropped the ball on that one, calling him a winger.


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