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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Canes to face huge test

Tonight the Canes will take their five game win streak to the HSBC Arena to face the East's best team. BFLOBLOG and Sabre Rattling has all the views from Western New York. Yeah, I know Tom's not in WNY, but still...

As if that wasn't bad enough, they'll have to travel and have about 16 hours to prepare for the West's best team. Finny from Girl with a Puck will have all the Ducks coverage on that one. Unfortunately, I won't be in the arena for that one. It's not in my ticket package, and I can't find anyone who has an extra or will just give me a ticket.

Buckle up. These next two should be good.

1 comment:

Finny said...

thanks for the link! I shouted out to ya in mine for the preview for tonight's showdown. Bet my rookie goalie against your sophomore! =D

Oh, man. We'll see how this is going to go down. Should be good, though I'm bummed this is the only time we get to play you guys!

Best o' luck!


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