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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Just for fun

Even if you've got the money to spend on one of these ridiculously expensive blenders, I wouldn't suggest doing this at home. Who would do that?

If you're old enough to remember the old "Bass-o-matic" sketch on Saturday Night Live from 1976, or if you've ever seen that sketch, you'll appreciate these guys doing their "Tilapia-o-matic"

Unfortunately, the audio and video for that SNL bit aren't in synch, but you can also view it from their video archive. Click on "commercials" then you'll see Bass-o-matic as the first video. Classic stuff. "Bass-o-matic also works with sunfish, perch, sole, and other small aquatic creatures"


Bill Purdy said...

Man, I've been cruising the Web looking at car stereo equipment (dreaming and salivating slightly) all day. Then I read your post.

Now I want one of those blenders. Wonder how it would handle a brick of bottle rockets?

d-lee said...

Seriously, that's an $850 blender, which is about 10 times what I would ever spend on a blender.

Check out www.willitblend.com for all the other stuff they put in that blender.


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