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Friday, December 08, 2006

Canes head to Vancouver

After dropping two games badly against Cal-Gary and Edmonton, Carolina will try their luck tonight in Vancouver. Puck drop against the Canucks will be 10:00 eastern.

The Canucks are struggling of late, and some fans are calling this a must-win situation. They're just a hair under .500, and they're looking to rally the troops.

According to Vancouver Canucks Op-Ed, the Nucks are having some injury problems and some line combination problems as well. Sami Salo is out with a bum knee, and Alanah is saying that Taylor Pyatt is out as well. There's also some confusion as to who will be on the Sedin line. She recommends getting all liquored up before the game.

I'd love to heed that advice myself, but I won't make it home from work until probably the start of the third. I'll get a late start, but I'll be there (liquored up) by the end of the game.

The Canes are also having injuries of their own to deal with. Captain Rod Brind'Amour hasn't been practicing much lately, and left Wednesday's game after the second period. We might not see him tonight. Also, the highly anticipated return of Cory Stillman will have to wait. Although I already predicted that we won't see him until the 15th, they were targeting tonight. He's apparently suffered a setback unrelated to his shoulder rehab. Something about a knee. Neither player has been ruled "out", but I wouldn't hold my breath expecting to see either one.

Another great Nucks blogger, JJ Guerrero, who hasn't yet seen Eric Staal play in person, will get his first taste tonight.

Look to the above bloggers for great Nucks perspective.

You know where to look for other Canes perspective.

I'm done with these "ballsy predictions", but I sure hope Eric/k can do something tonight. They've both been a little stagnant lately.


alanah said...

Canucks fans drink a lot this season (or it just me...?) :)

Just wanted to mention that Salo's injury is to his shoulder, not his knee. He tweaked a nerve or something.

Pyronite said...

JJ Guerrero probably won't see much tonight, given the average effort by Staal.


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