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Saturday, August 12, 2006

sometimes a shirt is ... just a shirt

Since there isn't anything else going on around these parts.

I work at a popular bar and grill. I managed the place for 6 years, then went to work at a different place owned by the same guys, then got fired. I briefly worked for a different locally owned independent restaurant. The place where I worked for so long was sold to a long-time employee, and I returned "home". Next door to us is a very popular hot dog/ice cream stand. They've been a local hotspot for 101 years, slinging hot dogs, housemade ice cream and milkshakes, and Cheerwine. If you don't live in North Carolina, you probably don't know what Cheerwine is, but you really must get some. It's a locally brewed cherry-flavored soda. Not anything like Fanta Cherry. Not anything like Cherry Coke. Since 1917, it has been its own thing. Its distribution area is widening, but until just a few years ago, you could only purchase it in North Carolina.

Blah blah blah.

This does have a point. The other day, I strolled over there to get a delicious milkshake. If you must know, it was coffee/chocolate blend. Very nice. Many of the people who work there have been there for several years. I don't know if they're all in the family that has owned the place since day one, but they all stay there forever. They must get paid really well because one of the hot dog slingers drives a brand new Corvette. That isn't the point.

I went over there to get my milkshake, and one of the guys behind the counter is wearing a t-shirt that says "Welcome to Blueland" and had the Thrashers logo on it. I asked him if he was a Thrashers fan, and he had a blank look on his face. I referenced the shirt, and asked him again if he was a Thrashers fan. All he said was "Uhhhhh. I like this shirt".

My suspicion is that he (a) found the shirt in a dark alley (2) stole the shirt from one of his stoner roommates, or most likely (III) bought the shirt at a thrift store because he thought it was funny. I honestly think that he had no idea that it was a shirt for a hockey team.

That, my friends, is the closest thing I can come to a hockey post.

I know.


BigDaddy906 said...

The great dogs, shakes, and ice cream at that landmark place could best be described as "yummy". I do like Cherwine, but prefer to get RC cola when downing my dogs there. I'll have to try the coffee-chocolate milkshake...sounds good. Hope you educated him on the shirt.

Anonymous said...
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