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Friday, August 25, 2006

a potential development

While I'm still hoping for some sort of development involving Anson Carter, or some rumbling about a trade involving Oleg Tverdovsky, there was a different kind of development involving the Canes today. It seems there might be a chance that defenseman David Tanabe is in talks with the Canes. According to an article in the Triangle Business Journal, he was spotted having lunch with Jim Rutherford and Peter Laviolette in Raleigh today.

I can't say that I'm surprised by this. I can't say that I'm excited. I can't say that I'm disgusted either. Certain members of the Caniac nation are scared by this, but I'm not. I'm actually pretty indifferent. Tanabe isn't the best defenseman in the world, but he's serviceable, and he's quite good on the power play.

Tanabe was originally drafted by the Canes in the first round of the 1999 entry draft, and spent four seasons with the team. He was traded to Phoenix for Daniil Markov, who was later traded traded to Philly for Justin Viva Williams.

With the departure of Aaron Ward, and the questionable health status of both Frantisek Kaberle and Bret Hedican, it makes some sense to acquire an NHL-ready defenseman. Earlier this month, the Bruins exercised their "walk away" option on a $1.275M arbitration award to Tanabe. If he can be had for around $1M, I don't see how it can hurt anything. Given our

Fire away, Acid Queen!


The Acid Queen said...


I was discussing the possibility with a customer at work this evening. We came to the conclusion that if he's willing to sign for cheap, it wouldn't hurt to take a flier on him and see how he'll do under Mix-Master Peter Laviolette's system.

tj said...

Tanabe. He has to be the most frustrating player to watch in the history of the NHL. When he takes off with the puck he looks like god's gift to hockey. When he needs to be physical it's like he'd rather be in a pillow fight than a hockey game. I may have to get used to yelling "hit somebody!" again this season.

Tanabe should be forced to watch video of Mike Commodore. Commodore is Tanabe's polar opposite. Commodore gets more mileage out of his ability than any defenseman I've seen. If Tanabe had Commodore's grit, he'd end up in the Hall of Fame.

The funny thing is I actually sort of like Tanabe. Well, I root for him to succeed, if that means anything. Here's hoping he can live up to his potential, wherever he ends up.


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