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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Canes sweater numbers

For now, some of the drama surrounding the sweater numbers has been solved.

According to the Carolina Hurricanes training camp roster, the following sweater number questions have been answered:
  • newcomer Scott Walker, who was acquired via trade with Nashville, will be wearing the 24 sweater that he has always worn
  • Andrew Hutchinson, who wore 24 for Carolina last year, and who played alongside Walker in Nashville, gave up the 24 to the more veteran player, and will be wearing 28
  • Trever "the Dude" Letowski, who has always worn 10 in his career, will be donning 19
  • John Grahame will, as expected, be wearing the 47 sweater
  • Brad Isbister will be wearing 15, which is his tradition
  • David Tanabe will wear the 45 that he used to wear
  • Shane Willis will wear the 25 that he used to wear
  • Ryan Bayda, who once wore 16, will be wearing 18

At some point, I'll go back and update my spreadsheet. Maybe after camp is over.

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