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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Broken Social Scene Loves Mike Commodore

So far as I can tell, nobody else has written about this.

The new video for Fire Eye'd Boy by Broken Social Scene looks a lot like they're big fans of Mike Commodore. I haven't read anything to this effect, but take a look for yourself. Here's a couple of screenshots from the video:

The video has three essential parts. In one part, the band is going through some sort of "band boot camp" not unlike when Yo La Tengo went to Rock Academy in their video for Sugarcube.

In another part, it's straight up performance video.

In the other key part, there's a spoof of Canadian Idol, in which the band members play contestants on the show and Geddy Lee plays one of the judges.

Throughout most of the video, the guys are all wearing bathrobes. For much of it, including these two screen shots (which you can click to enlarge), they're wearing white bathrobes with BSS logos on the chest. Check out the framed hockey photos on the wall behind the band in those screenshots.

Do you think it's a coincidence that it reeks of
Mike Commodore? (photo from Hurricanes.com)
Commy had this look going for several months starting in about February. "The Robe" gained some notoriety, as I wrote many times in these pages, including one night during the Western Conference Finals when Don Cherry had to wear the robe and wig during his "Coaches Corner" segment on CBC.
The best I can tell, this video debuted in late July, meaning Commy didn't get his look from them, but rather vice versa.

View the whole video by clicking on the above link or on the embedded player here:

1 comment:

Bill Purdy said...

The Geddy Lee cameo (and implied Pavement reference) is a freakin' hoot.

Totally with ya' on the Commie homage. BSS is from Toronto, so it makes sense an athletic-themed clip would have hockey on its brain.

I'm just glad Nickelback didn't think of it first.


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