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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dumont gets $2.9

On Wednesday, the arbiter's ruling on JP Dumont came back. A decisive victory for the player. The arbiter awarded Dumont with a one year, $2.9M contract.
Dumont tallied 40 points (20/20) in 54 games, or 0.74 points per game. My late June guess of $2.5M was a hair low, but the Sabres should be able to afford this. Based on this and the Danny Briere rulings, if Maxim Afinogenov had gone to his arbitration hearing, he might have come back with a much larger payday than what he's getting, and the Sabres would be in a tight spot.

Depending on how the negotiations go with Ryan Miller and Dmitri Kalinin, things could still be a bit tight, but the Sabres have done a good job of avoiding trouble by signing most of the arbitration filers before their hearings. The only one remaining is Adam Mair, who doesn't really have any business headed to arbitration.


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