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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Who wants to come over to play video games?

Apparently, yours truly is one of the thousands of lucky winners in the Mountain Dew/Xbox 360 contest.

Yeah, I won one of those fancy new game systems before you can buy it. Without sending me an e-mail telling me that I'd won, they sent me a bunch of shit (hats, tshirts, coupons for free Mountain Dew) so I could throw a party. I guess they'll send me the game console sometime next week.

Although I've heard really good things about that Call of Duty game, my first game will undoubtedly be NHL2K6. The EA NHL2006 won't be offered on that platform.

I don't play video games other than sports games, so this is kind of strange for me. I guess I'll also get the new Tiger Woods.

If you wanna come over for video game hockey, or golf, or WWII, let me know. But you don't get to be the Canes.


Bill Purdy said...

Totally fucking cool.

I have NHL 2K6 on the regular Xbox and love it -- but only when I get to play people head to head. since my wife hates sports games (but, curiously, tolerates and even occasionally obsesses over other types of games), I seldom get to play with someone in the same room. So I have friends in other parts of the country who I play on Xbox Live.

No idea if the two systems will be compatible via Xbox live, but if they are, I'd love to take you on. And I'll be the Avs if I can't be the Canes.

David said...

The two systems are supposed to be compatible on Xbox Live for most games. I'm hoping it's that way for all sports games, which are primarily what I play.

David said...

Oh - and congrats on the Xbox 360, that's pretty damn cool :)


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