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Monday, November 21, 2005

Get Well, #2

All hatred of Red Wings aside, I wish to express my heartfelt best wishes for the speedy recovery of defenseman Jiri Fischer, who suffered a seizure while sitting on the Red Wings bench during the first period of Monday night's game against the Predators. At first, officials wanted to resurface the ice, add the remainder of the first period to the second period, and finish the game as normal.
However, after an extended period of time with paramedics working, they decided to call the game.

For a short time, Fischer was not breathing and his heart had stopped beating. Fortunately, crews used the difribrilator to bring him back.
Hospital officials say that Fischer is in "stable" condition, and breathing on his own. They do not know what caused the seizure.

I don't know whether the 1-0 score will hold up, or if they'll play a full game later, or play the remainder later. None of this matters, though. It's just a game.


James Mirtle said...

In instances where things like this have happened before (not that things 'exactly' like this have happened), the rescheduled game will begin with the same amount of time remaining on the clock and the same score as the postponed game.

Anonymous said...

Hey! "It's just a game". I've made a bet on this game! And having clinched the other two games i'm feeling rather uncomfortable about the whole thing.

/Oskar S.
Hurricane's fan from Sweden

d-lee said...

I guess you've missed the point. What I was getting at is that moments like this are really humbling. Who wins the game or loses the game, or who wins $200 on a bet isn't important at all. Moments like this show us that at any second, for no reason, it could all be over. I don't mean to be overdramatic, but Fischer could have lost his life. His heart was stopped. Hockey should take a back seat, and gambling shouldn't even be in the car in this situation.

And besides, since the game technically didn't happen, your bet didn't happen. What's the problem?

Anonymous said...

I was mostly beeing ironic... BUT, I did however bet on the game togheter with the other two games that night (which were tied - and I had tipped they would!). To win either Detroit or Nashville had to win... So, thats the technicality of my "problem".

Thanks for readable "blogg"!

/Oskar from Sweden.

greatwhitebear said...

Fischer is an extremely lucky man. Had he been anyplace but on the Wings bench with medical help 15 sec away, and with a defibulator on hand, he would be dead.

had it happened, say, rollerblading iwth his fiance on Belle Isle.....

It will be very interesting to see how the Wings respond. Fischer is probably the most well liked guy in the clubhouse. Oddly, he was also thought to be the most physically fit of all the Wings.

This is going to be a real test for Mike Babcock. Fischer had been not only their best defenseman and a minutes hog, he had also become their enforcer. With Fischer, Kronwall, and Wooley out indefinately, and Chelios having severe troubles adapting to the new rules, it is going to put a huge amount of pressure on Lidstrom, Schneider, and Lilja. And rookie Brett Lebda.

Hopefully Babcock can deep the wheels from falling off before Kronwall returns in March.


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