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Thursday, November 17, 2005

HNIC --- Rangers at Carolina

It's Hockey Night in Carolina again....

Jaromir Jagr, Kevin Weekes and the Rangers come to town for a showdown at the RBC corral.

I'm about to head off for Raleigh, and I'm trying something different this time.

I always wear the same jeans, the same underwear, the same t-shirt, the same shoes, and the Vasicek sweater. I'll be doing that again tonight. Here's the change though.... Usually I shower and shave just before leaving. I've been clean shaven for every game I've been to this season, and we won all of those games. (I did not go to the home game when Atlanta kicked our ass).

Today, I have about five days of facial hair growth. I can tell everyone I'm growing a "playoff beard". I hope this change in ritual doesn't mess me up, or more importantly, I hope it doesn't mess the Canes up. You know how superstitious I can get.

Details and photos when I return.

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