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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Idiocy reigns, Avery fined AGAIN

After Sean Avery ran his mouth about his displeasure with being fined for diving, the league saw fit to fine him again. This came as no surprise to me (see yesterday's post), but apparently this jerkwad still doesn't know when to quit. Where I was wrong, though, is that the fine can be no greater than $1,000.
The comment, or perhaps just one of the comments in violation of By-law 17.4:
''No question that this is a way to do something to me,'' Avery told the paper. ''It has nothing to do with diving. How can (director of hockey operations) Colin Campbell, or whoever it is, sit at a desk and make that call? They should send the tape to all seven members of the competition committee and let them look at it.''

Yes, that's right, Sean. The League is conspiring against you. So much so that it let your dirty hit go unpunished.

I would be very surprised if Avery takes his two fines like a man and shuts the hell up. I'm more inclined to believe that he's still going to have a lot to say, and will have many more fines to deal with.


Stormbringer said...

I don't know about you or anyone else, but I think it would be an absolute riot to see Avery somehow milk his salary for this season down to zero with his big mouth.

Yeah, What Would Avery Do then?

(I can't believe there are people who think that is a great slogan...supposedly, someone started selling shirts and/or hats with "WWAD?" a week or two ago outside of the Staples Center.)

Bill Purdy said...

Not a great slogan, but a funny one -- assuming you are a Kings fan. Remember, there are plenty of "hockey fans" who really like to see fighting in hockey games. And who like to see Sean Avery take cheap shots and defiantly run his mouth off. There are even folks who admire Todd Bertuzzi for paralyzing Steve Moore.

I don't count myself among them, but I understand how ugly people can get when they decide to identify with a bad guy like Avery. At least the t-shirt sloganeers have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

What??????How can you even compare what that dirtbag Bertuzzi did to the way sean avery plays??HMMMM lets see.....avery is one of the kings top players and bertuzzi is nothing but a brusier.So avery runs his mouth...so what if you don't want fighting in hockey, go to europe and watch there wonderfully boring games!!!!

d-lee said...

I wonder if "anonymous" knows how to read. S/he certainly had difficulty comprehending the content of the comment made by Bill Purdy.

Purdy made absolutely no comparison between Bertuzzi and Avery. He simply mentioned that there are groups of people who like each player. I'll restate Purdy's point:

Some people like Sean Avery, because of his negative side.

Going even further, some people like Todd Bertuzzi so much that they have no problem with his hit on Steve Moore.

Avery said...

All the money from the t-shirts went to charities (over $4000) so it was a for good cause (breast cancer research and childrens charities). A lot of the bad guys on the ice are very good people in real life.


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